Kloskee branding title page
Kloskee logo development 1
Kloskee Pty Ltd was established in Oct 2016. A company that was started to pursue a different line in Kelly's career where she will be freelancing web design projects and start some personal projects on the side where she will practice her skills in hand lettering typography and character design with proper pen and paper tools. As this is a company and open for business, branding is in line for development. First of all, the name is a combination of Kelly's name and by using a Chinese character "琦" from her name to based the logo design on is to showcase my heritage. Part of the concept was to develop a logo that can be used differently, as shown below the logo also represents the English word "KLOSKEE".
Also for the website design Kelly created a unique hand lettering piece to represents the type of designer Kelly is with the copy " A digital designer by trade, an illustrator by experience and a lettering artist in training". For more details on the lettering piece please check out the Kloskee's brand lettering page.
Kloskee logo development 1
Kloskee logo development 2
Stationary design for Kloskee
Envelope design for Kloskee
Letterhead design for Kloskee
Business cards and thank you cards for Kloskee
Kloskee wesbite design mock up
Repeated pattern design for stationary branding
Compiled stationary for Kloskee branding
Kloskee wesbite design mock up
Kloskee webiste homepage and about us page
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Kloskee wesbite mock up in mobile size
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