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Sharing Stories

Penguin Books has commissioned a series of artists/illustrators to each create an original piece of art that responds to the campaign theme of sharing stories.
We wanted the artists to share documentation of the process of conceiving and bringing their work to life, so the audience can share in the story behind their artwork. Each artwork will be shared across our social media platforms and the story of its creation will unfold.
At Penguin Books, we’re about sharing stories. The story of our company is built on the countless great stories that we have helped great storytellers share with the world.
Each artist will share their point of view, and relate it to a personal account of ‘sharing stories’ that our audience can connect with and share with others. We hope the audience will be inspired to share their own stories with others and us.
The artists’ work will be showcased across all of Penguin’s social media platforms, reaching an online audience that includes over 100,000 fans on Facebook, over 22,000 followers on Twitter, and a large presence on Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and Tumblr.
sharing stories hashtag message
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