Project Keetures - Zodiac

Always been wondering why we can only read either Western horoscope or Chinese horoscopes but never been able to find anything regarding a zodiac that consists of a person's full birth date. After all Chinese zodiac is always about the year you are born in and Western zodiac is based on the day and month you are born in, so why not combine it and create a more complete personality or a Zodiac that is based on your birth day, month and year. So without looking further the theme for this project has been decided.

In general its all about Zodiacs but specifically concentrate on Chinese and Western zodiac combinations. For example, combining snake (Chinese zodiac) and Sagittarius (Western zodiac) to form a new kind of Zodiac that consist of both characteristics. Create and design a new kind of Zodiac Keetures. There are 12 Chinese Zodiac and 12 Western Zodiac, so the total number of combination will be 144 character.

As for hand lettering, that would have to be either the dates or a personality description. Now that everything has been decided, its all about the executions and research. Stay tune for the first Project Keetures (Zodiac) creation.

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